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Pro Cinema System


  • Dolby Atmos is developed by Dolby Laboratories, on April 24, 2012. It breaks through the traditional concept of the 5.1, 7.1 channels, video content can be combined, showing a dynamic sound effects. By using loudspeakers grouped into arrays, the Dolby Atmos system can also give each loudspeaker its own unique feed based on its exact location, thereby enabling many new front, surround, and even ceiling-mounted height channels for the precise panning of select sounds such as a helicopter or rain. Audience will enjoy fantastic experience in such sound performance.
    Private cinema, KTV bar, Mini Cinema lounge etc. are becoming more and more popular lifestyle in Nowadays. The multi-channel 5.1,7.1,13.1 or 7.1.2 Dolby surrounding sound system combined with 100~180 inch screen in a private location  gives you a natural and realistic sound experience, it provides you with a powerful and vivid, immersive theater listening experience. 

    S/N Ratio                      

    MIC:≥99  dB    MUSIC:≥99 dB

    THD+ Noise             

    MIC:< 0.01%     MUSIC:< 0.01%

    Max. Input level         

    MIC:150mVrms     THD+N<0.1% 

    MUSIC:1.5Vrms     THD+N<0.1%

    Dynamic range   

    MIC:> 96 dB     THD+N<0.1%    

    MUSIC:> 100 dB    THD+N<0.1%

    Noise Gate

    MIC:< 35uVrms   Gate open

    MUSIC:< 150uVrms   Gate close

    Sound decoder



    MIC:4    MUSIC:spdif,coaxial,Lotus


    8 canon(main output,side surround,back surround 6 + Centre + subwoofer)

    Adjustable EQ  

    Input:MIC independent (10 x2),MUSIC (10),Reverberation (7),ECHO(7), PEQ(10x8)

    Power consumption

    Non-loaded:5W      Standby:2W

    Feedback controller

    Built-in software frequency shift Feedback eliminator





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